Antoinyce E. Mathis

I am just a young woman that loves God more than anything. For many years, I have sat in silence as ideas for expanding God's Kingdom came and settled in my heart and spirit, but I stifled them. In an hour like today, I realize that, not only are my gifts needed; the gifts of others need to be activated, and some of those gifts connected to my purpose. So, as I am purposed to point people to the Cross through a practical life of holy living and grace sharing, I am committed to pouring my life out into ensuring that this world is changed for the glory of God.

I am completely in love with and happily married to the love of my life, Maurice Mathis, and we have the JOY of raising two of the next generation's Kingdom Expanders -  Gordyn Margo and Winston Fitzgerald.

I look forward to the journey of becoming ME, as I share Jesus's Brand in the earth, and I am hopeful to encourage your journey of grace along the way!


Raleigh, NC, USA