Antoinyce E. Mathis

I am just a young woman that loves God more than anything. For many years, I have sat in silence as ideas for expanding God's Kingdom came and settled in my heart and spirit, but I stifled them. In an hour like today, I realize that, not only are my gifts needed; the gifts of others need to be activated, and some of those gifts connected to my purpose. So, as I am purposed to point people to the Cross through a practical life of holy living and grace sharing, I am committed to pouring my life out into ensuring that this world is changed for the glory of God.

I am completely in love with and happily married to the love of my life, Maurice Mathis, and we have the JOY of raising two of the next generation's Kingdom Expanders -  Gordyn Margo and Winston Fitzgerald.

I look forward to the journey of becoming ME, as I share Jesus's Brand in the earth, and I am hopeful to encourage your journey of grace along the way!


About The Blog


The Jesus Brand is an outlet to bring light to the beautiful grace that God shows to each of His children. On this platform, I will share personal testimonies from my experiences and encourage others to embrace the grace that is upon their lives.

My sincere belief is that in the midst of every life experience, there is grace shining through, waiting for the opportunity to be revealed. Stories shared here are to inspire, uplift, and provoke others to good works and higher thinking. May your life be uplifted as we share in this journey called GRACE!


Raleigh, NC, USA