The Day I Saw My Angels... At HOME

September 3, 2017







I don’t think I will ever forget these numbers. These were the band numbers we used to gain access to the NICU – the numbers we used when we called in to check on our babies. Today, I could forget the numbers because I don’t need to use them anymore, but I know in my heart that I will never, ever forget.


After 67 days in the NICU – buzzing in, countless hours of visitations, endless prayers, daily scrub ins, isolettes, care times, monitor watching, bradies, desats, feeding tubes, bubble CPAP, nasal cannulas, call ins, doctors’ rounds, meetings with other NICU parents, cafeteria runs, back and forth trips home, overnight stays, tough decisions, setbacks, and achievements – we hit the greatest milestone of all today – we left WakeMed with TWO babies. Gordyn and Winston Mathis came home with their parents for the first time. On August 9th, 25 days earlier, we left with one baby – Princess Gordyn – but our family still was not complete. We spent our days between home and the NICU. Gordyn had been discharged but she spent the majority of her days right by her brother’s side, as she always had.


Today, we officially have two NICU graduates. The baby that could have been stillborn or had down syndrome left the hospital WHOLE & WELL today! With our NICU angel, we pushed two car seats throughout the hospital, loaded up all of our things (and we had accumulated A LOT of things), put our babies in the car and headed HOME!!!


It was so hard not being able to take our babies home when I was discharged, hard again when we took one home and left the other… Today, a burden was lifted! We have prayed, we have labored, we have watched, and now we are holding our miracles in our HOME!!


Thanks be unto GOD for the GREAT things HE has done!!!




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